Self-published, Nov 2020
Page: 44 pages
Size: 297× 210 mm
Oodemand, Edition.50
Price: ¥1500 (Inc Tax)

Inquire / お問い合わせ


Self-published, Printed in Taiwan,  June 2017
Hardcover, German Binding
Page: 40 pages
Size: 297× 210 mm
Offset, Edition.300, Signed
Price: ¥3,024 (Inc Tax)


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When I was a child, I often wondered what was happening outside of the earth.I still remember sometimes I would have some weird feelings. Strange images would come to my mind, which I couldn't express in words.
People perceive, recognize and imagine. Although we can not always imagine things with certainty, I don’t think it is important to find answers. On the other hand, I noticed that this ability to feel must be "something" very fundamental existing in human souls.

In this project, I’ve defined a "fictional planet" where all the images were taken from multiple locations. I tried to catch the flow of circulation and time passing of this planet, in order to reproduce "something" on the paper.

This Photobook is selected as shortlisted on Unseen DUMMY AWARD 2016




Unseen Dummy Book Award 2016 ショートリストノミネート作品

日本国内 / 3024円(送料込)


International/€27 (Include Shipping)

Inquire / お問い合わせ